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Well, i'm 20 years old. I have been with my partner for 8 months now and we had sex for the first time about three weeks ago. I was a virgin, btw. And well we've had sex four times since. And for the first time we used a latex condom, and I wasn't aware that I was allergic to latex until that moment. We then switched up to non latex condoms. Well anyways. About 7-9 days after my first sexual experience with him I developed a little sore below my vagina. In which i thought was caused by an allergic reaction to the latex condom. So i just ignored it and thought it would go away. Well now two weeks later its still there and now even more tiny ones are showing up around it ):! They don't hurt me unless i touch them. They feel sore...and it doesn't look to even have fluid in them. Like i tried popping it and yeah it just hurt. I also thought maybe it was caused my an ingrown hair, because i shave down there and stuff.

Today I even took pictures of it, I opened my lips and took some pics to make sure everything as okay there. But I noticed some little lump looking things inside as well. Only i can't feel them if I touch them. It feels like normal skin. I also got a picture of white discharge coming out. Which i think is normal? idk.

I also even developed a sore throat the other day, like not a normal one. It feels like the left side of my throat is swallon and ONLY hurts if i swallow [[spit or drinks/food.]]] or if I yawn. If i don't swallow or yawn i don't feel any pain.

I made a doctors apt tomorrow with my doctor...And I'm just worried and scared. We used a condom every time...The only time there was no protection was when he went down on me. ): I'm so scared I might have HSV2. He has had like 7 sexual partners before me but told me he has been tested and since tested he hasn't messed around with anyone but me.

Pics here.


Bumps inside lips:



check to see if its bv,,r:6,s:0&tx=96&ty=4

i had it, thats how my discharge was :/


I thought the same as you, because you do shave, it is very common to get ingrown hairs. And it can take awhile before it goes away, try exfoliating the area and keep it clean to see if that helps. Also, when you shave, use a shaving cream, it can help.

As for the other bumps, I believe those are normal as well. They can be found all over the skin, labia, penis, the inside of your lip, etc... Their called Fordyce spots and their harmless.

Now, your sore throat! Did you have oral sex? Because if you didn't then your fine, most likely your just coming down with a cold.

The discharge, is fine. Also, because you recently had sex, you may experience more discharge as the vagina cleans itself out. It can range from clear, to white, sometimes appear pinkish or brown when your close to getting your period. As long as its not thick, like cottage cheese, or you have a rash or an itch, then white is perfectly fine and normal, or else you may have a yeast infection. Just watch out for yellow or green, as that is a major sign of an infection!

When you start having sex, you can panic, rightfully so because a lot can happen with sex, like pregnancy and STI's and STD's.. But you did use a condom, and as long as it didn't break, then your fine! But it is always a good idea to be seen by a doctor when you become sexually active. So your doing all the right things! I hope I helped to put your mind at ease, and hopefully the doctor visit goes well and you are in the clear! Also, although it might be awkward, they do make condoms for oral sex!


Thank you so much! everything you said is what the doctor pretty much said to me. She checked me out and told me everything was normal and fine.

And my sore throat is actually Strep...uggg. Just to clear that up. Thank you for your post.


You may want to take the pictures down. I believe it conflicts with the sites rules.

And as stated the bumps are normal and the discharge is normal.

Enjoy the sex :-)