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Hi everyone! I have a quick question about hairstyles and how they are achieved. I have naturally wavy hair but have always loved those loose curls that some people have. Is there anything I can do to create those at home? Can you give me any instructions on how to do this?


So, I'm not so sure what you imagine when you say loose curls ...but I loove using these satin pillow rollers to get loose curls/waves. Here's an image of the rollers & the pic of the girl can give you an idea what it'll look like. [sry the link is so long got it on google images] :,r:7,s:0&tx=61&ty=87

When I do it ... I just section my hair and instead of rolling from the end up to my scalp ... I start close to my scalp ...about an inch & a half below my scalp ... and wrap the length of my hair around the roller. Then fold the ends to secure it. I do this all over ...on dry hair. add a little hair spray and wear a bonnet to sleep. Which helps hold them in place. They are soft & cushy so its great to sleep in! ...When I wake up I take them down after my shower usually ...& it looks great! If you want them to stay tight ... I suggest a lot of hair spray before & after you take them out. I like mine to fall a bit so I use light hair spray.