University of Bath from England has created a new localized way of administering chemotherapy drugs that would release the chemicals mainly at the cancer site, and much lower dosage to the rest of the body. This way many of the negative side effects of current way of administering would be eradicated.

Not only that people would avoid stop having problems with hair loss and vomiting but it is expected that the new administering way would cut down if not eliminate the number of patients who may die from the effects of chemotherapy.

The new method would consist of using tiny fibers and beads soaked in the chemotherapy drug, which would be implanted into the cancerous area. The fibers would be bio-degradable and compatible with the body tissue in order to eradicate chances of being rejected by the patient’s body. The fibers would go from solid to liquid state and release appropriate amounts of drugs into the cancerous site, decreasing the amounts of drugs that were previously circulating around the body carried by blood.

Many preliminary laboratory trials were successfully conducted and first clinic trials on patients with ovarian cancer should start in the next couple of years. If everything goes as planned, the new drug delivery method could be put in use.