A 43-year old woman who suffered from nasopharynx cancer didn’t die from the cancer but from internal bleeding and organ failure after she had overdosed on chemotherapy drugs that were supposed to help her out.

She received her medication on July 31st at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton and was sent home that day. Instead of receiving her drug dosage every four days, her administering pump was faultily set to fours hours.

She received 5,000 mg of the drug within four hours instead of four days. It was a lethal dosage. The biggest problem with chemotherapy drugs is that they not only kill the cancerous cells but the healthy ones as well. And this drug is so powerful that it starts working immediately after administration. Nothing the doctors did could save her, no antidote or blood dialysis although they did everything it was in their powers.

The cancer board of medical affairs and community oncology had apologized to the woman’s family and admit the mistake. They will try their best to preserve the confidence of patients that are receiving treatments in the same way.