Researchers found that new therapy which involves video, television and computer may help to ease schizophrenia symptoms. This therapy is designed in order to help patients to understand intentions and dispositions and teach them important social skills.

This therapy besides addressing the way patients interpret emotions asks them to observe different social situations and think of some alternative ways to copy them. This method could help schizophrenia patients to interact with other people.

Testing of this method showed that patients had success in ability to understand intentions of people and reduce tendency to act hostile to others. Also, results showed that patients reduced aggressive behavior.

Schizophrenia is a disease that can cause paranoia which is characterized by anxiety, fear and hallucinations. It also causes false perceptions of objects and events that involve sense. Many people who suffer from this disease have memory loss, inability to pay attention and that all makes it hard for them to live normal lives.

Standard methods in treating this disease involve drugs and medications but this new method should provide greater success according to researchers.