I had a bad fall and ruptured two discs...I was unable to walk for over a year until I finally had back surgery. In order to avoid subsequent relapses of severe and incapatictating back pain I need to be on a regular regimen of pain medications. In california I had no trouble working with my primary care physician and physical therapist to get prescriptions  and was able to work, function for years. I only had one serious relapse 2 years ago when I reduced my pain meds way down and ended up in hospital and a nursing home for 30 days. AFter leaving the hospital, my docs increased my dosage back to 30 MG of 12 hour oxycontin 2X a day with some 10 mg oxycodone as break through. I was warned not to let me pain levels rise to avoid future relapses. When I left Califoria to retire to a small town in New Mexico I had no idea I was heading into trouble. I immediately had my chosen Primary care doctor refuse to prescribe that dosage. The most she would give me was 20mg- Oxy 12 hour 2X a day with some 10 mg oxycodone for breakthrough. I was able to barely manage my pain on this but am afraid to ask for more because she has had so many patients manipulating her for more drugs and acting in a drug-seeking and addictive manner she is suspicious of erveryone. I have been told most of the doctors here are like that. I am 68 years old, a mature woman who is NOT an addict but only wishes to be out of pain and not end up in a nursing home bed, a cripple. I am being penalized because of the local druggies here who have tainted doctors attitudes. Does anyone know what my legal rights are related to pain medication prescribing? Do doctors have the final say even if patients suffer and end up crippled so their pain med prescribing stats stay "clean"? Any advice on what I can do?