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I have disk desegregation disease and my pain management doctor put me on Dilaudid 4mg 4x a day and Oxycodone 40 mg 3x a day for the past 12 years, since this new bill was passed no one will write me the prescriptions for my chronic conditions. I had a great rating with my pain doctor, did the urine tests, face to face visits, pill counts regularly. The doctor knew this bill was going to be passed and said I should have no trouble finding another doctor to help me because he was only going to do acupuncture procedures for people with chronic pain (yes I have tried this procedure 4 times with no luck) I have even had the cortical stimulator inserted in to control my pain that didn't even work. Any way I had to try and find a new pain management doctor who could help me, none of the doctors would tell me what the prescriptions they would write I would have to transfer my records and they would make a decision, well NO one would write the medications I needed to have a normal life without being in constant pain, so now I have had to quit Dilaudid and Oxycontin cold turkey after 12 years of being on the medication and I will tell you it is no picnic, I wish I could sue the doctor for breaking his oath to do no harm, he sent me out knowing no one was going to help me unless I go out of state and never know what you may get. This guy was my pain doctor since my back operation in 2001. I  don't have 10,000 to enter rehab centers and no one will help me with the severe withdrawals. My life has went from a productive one to be labeled a drug seeker and an addict all because this doctor lied to me and would help me transition down before cutting me loose. I have severe depression, thoughts of hurting my self Does anyone know what I can do to help with these withdrawals, I can't keep this up!!!


Hi, GAMOM32. I am truly sorry for all you have had to endure. I am in Ohio and have yet to run into this problem...but I know it's out there. More and more I hear horror stories from chronic pain sufferers. This "War on Drugs" has panned out to be a major flop. Although I believe ALL human life is worth saving, I can't help but get darn mad that people who CHOSE to abuse script meds for recreational use and continue to, are hurting more than just themselves. Their selfishness is sacrificing lives of those who have never abused drugs, would not abuse drugs, would rather NOT be on these meds at all...but can not function without them. Since when did we begin this frenzy of "Save the person who is shooting heroin up or blowing some Xanax up their nose. They need help. Save their lives. All pain clinics are "Pill Mills" SHUT THEM DOWN! SHUT THEM DOWN!" and turning our backs on those who are desperate for help. Those who NEED the help. Those who didn't ask for their personal hell as others create theirs. Like I said, I believe all human life should be valued...but it sickens me. I have been on both sides of the fence. I used to be a Pharmaceutical Technician, worked in a hospital, and worked home health for years. I will be the first to admit that I was a hypocrite. Every single person that used to come in with a script for a narcotic, my first thought would be "Druggie!", "s**m", or "Drug Dealer". We even had an index card box full of names with "DRUG SEEKERS" written on top. Now here I am...20 years later. I am that person. I guarantee my name is in someones "Drug Seeker" index card box. I am not treated nicely by some of my doctors office staff, employees of the pharmacy, nurses, doctors, etc. I can tell by their demeanor exactly when their view of me changed while reading scripts, charts, etc. It's obvious that "Plan A" in this "War on Drugs" has failed. Time for "Plan B". While the government is so busy regulating everything to save the lives of drug addicts who more often than not chose their own path in life, they don't seem to realize that their death toll will not go down. We are only replacing one problem for another. So according to societies views...I would get more respect if I was a drug addict, buy my pills from some "Street Pharmacist" rather than going to qualified doctors who are only guilty of trying to help those in desperate need. It's sad when most mangy mutts are treated better in a second rate shelter than those of us with chronic pain or who are terminally ill are treated as a whole. I have been sick since 17 but didn't get my official diagnosis until age 25. Due to a Maxillofacial Jaw Reconstruction surgery I had at 17 (after 7 years of braces, to no avail)...I ended up with Bilateral Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) and Bilateral Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN). In December 2008 I had a Discectomy, Fusion, & Laminectomy of my L4-L5 & L5-S1. In 2010 I came out of remission for the last time with my ATN & TN, and it's been a living hell since. I had a Bilateral Gamma Knife Radiosurgery (GKR) in December of 2010. As a result of my titanium frame being screwed into my skull prior to surgery, it ended up causing more head trauma. Now I not only have suffered from ATN & TN for 26 years...but also Occipital Neuralgia (ON) for the last 1.5 years. My other current diagnosis are Asthma (rare now), Anxiety, Depression, Essential Tremors (ET) my entire life, Migraines, Sleep Apnea, etc. I have a past history of HELLP Syndrome with my pregnancies at ages 22 & 27. I also have a history of Cervical cancer at 28 and Cervical & Uterine cancer, which lead to a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy at 29. I often laugh and say it's time to put me out to pasture. I never expected to be the way I am so early in age. I expected this to happen in my 80's or 90's if I made it that long...never in my 20's, 30's, and early 40's. I am now 43. I'm divorced and raise my 20 year old Autistic son alone on top of it all. If it weren't for the fact that I choose to bring him into this world, I certainly would not be here now...but it was my decision for him to be here, therefore I put him first. I toughed it out for the first 23 years with nothing but an occasional trip to the ER for a shot of Toradol in the butt and maybe one script for Vicodin ES maybe once every 1-2 years. In other words, I was either really brave or really stupid...maybe a bit of both. In the last three years I have tried several combinations of meds to even take the edge off the pain.I am currently back and forth between: Morphine Sulfate IR 30 mg three times a day and Oxycodone HCL 30 mg three times a day for pain Maxalt MLT 10 mg for Migraine pain (which I sometimes have success with my neuralgia pain as well)Baclofen 20 mg three times a day for Spastisity, tingling, burning, etc. Propranolol ER (Inderal LA) 60 mh once a day for Essential TremorsBupropion HCL XL (Wellbutrin XL) 300 mg once a day for Depression/AnxietyPhenytoin SOD EXT (Dilantin) 100 mg .tid. for my ATN, TN, & ON (neuralgias)I also take Lasix and Potassium from time to time for lower leg, ankle, foot, & toes swelling since spine surgeryI wish you the very best. I know it is extremely difficult. Even those of us who ARE currently receiving the best help we are going to get are scared to speak out against the wrongs done to our fellow chronic pain sufferers in fear of losing our own medications. It's a Catch 22. I can only hope you finally find a doctor who puts his patients and their right to be as pain free as possible above corrupt government plans that do nothing but amplify the problem elsewhere. A doctor who puts his patient first...what a concept, huh?! I feel sorry for the position that many doctors are put in themselves. They are attacked for doing exactly what they are there to do! God bless