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hi i have been taking oxycodone 10 mg for a while. i take anywhere from 3-6 pills a day never more than 6 and i have been on it for a while every day for almost a year... i recently had surgery so i had to take it even longer i am running really low and honestly even if i am in pain on a daily basis i don't want to keep going through this. i am terrified of detoxing and i am looking for any advice. please tell me it won't be that bad and that i can do this is there anything other than withdrawal meds i could do? please help!!!


Have you been taking anything other than the oxy's your dr has been prescribing for you? If not, I would just inform the doctor and ask him to put you on a detox schedule and reduce your dosage over a period of time.  This is done on a regular basis by most drs. They realize what's happening and have no problem with working with you.  If he thinks you are conning him, then he could just cut you off completely so don't try to take advantage of him, ok.   If you try to stop cold turkey, then you are probably going to suffer WD symptoms which won't kill you, but will make you feel like its going to.  With Oxy's you will feel pretty rough for a week or so, then you will rapidly improve and after a month or six weeks, you should be ok.  I would try the taper method first If I were you.  Its much easier on you.   Take care, friend, I know how you feel. These drugs have really gotten a lot of us down and struggling to get back to normal, but you can do it.