I'm a 53 yr old permanently disabled man who worked for 27 yrs before becoming fully favorable for Social Security in 2003. Have DDD of L5/S1 with a right side herniation, which causes Lumbo-Sacral pain, osteoarthritis in hips, knees, ankles, polyneuropathy in both legs, kyphosis of the T5, T6, T7 causing chronic thoracic back pain..

I'm from Staten Island, NY, now been living in NE PA with my wife of 20 yrs, and 17 yr old son (who has Aspergers)..I was seeing a Pain mgmt doctor (female) on Staten Island from Nov 1997 to July 2011, and was always compliant with my meds (Methadone tablets, after 13 yrs on them, was at 150mg/day.) I lost her due to miscommunication and inaccurate information that I found out she received and had put into my permanent record AFTER I felt forced to leave her with an exit letter and received my 13 years records neatly on a CD.

What caused this to begin with was, in April  2011 I went into a 5-day detox unit in PA just to appease my wife, because she over-reacted to my daily beer drinking over the winter of 2010-2011 as I was doing alot of work in my house. It’s not an excuse, just my personal preference while painting (which I hate, but it had to be done).  I sometimes would have a couple mixed drinks. But the day I went into the detox, I actually, purposely drank 2 pints of vodka {yuck}, because I knew thru personally researching, what they do before admitting you in their alcohol detox unit. It was a dangerous, stupid thing for me to do.  I understand about potentiation, and the danger I put myself in, which is unlike me.

I later found out that they wrote that I was drinking 2 pints of vodka a day!…

I was horrified with what was written about me between March 2011 - July 2011. My records were a chaotic mess of half-truths, added words I didn't say, completely wrong statements about me, and complete false assumptions on my character. The doctors female PA who I had been seeing for the past 7 yrs because I was "stable and compliant" was the "mis-translater", but also the Hospital detox unit, wrote  things I said unbelievably wrong.

Of course, I had to have the Detox unit call my doctor to validate the meds I needed during my stay. (Before going to the detox, I relayed my concerns to my Primary care doc 1st about informing my pain doc that I’m going to be in a 5-day detox, ) but the PA primary doc told me, "don't worry, go in, we're all professionals".

I later found out, his office staff incorrectly told my pain doctor that "I presented to my house intoxicated, threatening my wife". This is completely false. I think it was mistranslated from me calling my wife from the hospital ER on my cellphone, and I told her, "Angela, I’m telling you, you better come pick me up". Thats the closest and only thing that could've been relayed as a threat.

To make a long story shorter, when I went back to the pain doc, (the physician assistant actually that I've been seeing for 7 yrs because I'm "stable", her instructions were to begin reducing my pain meds by 30 mg/month, plus send me to their neuropsychologist for a 255 ques MMPI test, (which I passed), but the neuropsychologist gave his opinion that "your patient may be a dependant personality that may begin abusing his meds, and a measure should be taken to prevent that from happening".. The man met me for 5 minutes.THAT TOO went into my record. They made me bring my pills into the office fort each visit now to be counted (which was done out in the open in front of other people at their front desk), plus urine testing, which I kept passing. I was refused access to my doctor when I asked the PA to see her. She told me, "if you insist on seeing the doctor, it'll be about a 3 month wait, and then in the meantime, I won't be able to prescribe you your meds." {that sounds immoral and illegal to me}. I remained a gentleman thru all this (the alcohol was long stopped by April, but the testing, humiliation tactics, and inaccurate records continued. Since leaving them, I can't get the dosage my body got used to. All these doctors in PA are very conservative (or maybe are good doctor, and my original NY doctor was too liberal with her prescribing). Either way, I don't know what to do. I am in the process of preparing to have my records amended from my old Staten Island doc, but I'm so frustrated, insulted, angry, in pain...Anyone have suggestions for me?Frank