Doctors used new technique for pancreatic cancer treatment and said that this new technique gives hope to those pancreatic cancer patients with advanced tumors that have spread to the portal vein. At the moment there’s no effective treatment for pancreatic cancer and people diagnosed with this disease have only six months to live. This disease is very hard to diagnose because patients have no symptoms until they reach advanced stage of this disease. This cuts down their chances for survival and this new procedure gives hope for better results in pancreatic cancer treatment.

This procedure involves the surgical removal of tumor together with a segment of portal vein and replacing it with part of jugular vein. Researchers claim that if pancreatic cancer is discovered early before it has spread to other organs it may be treatable. Unfortunately only 10% of patients are suitable for this procedure at this moment.

Only treatment suitable for majority of patients is chemotherapy or palliative treatment. Experts hope that this new procedure will double the number of patients each year and potentially save hundreds of lives.