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I am a type diabetic and I am taking metformin, gliclazide, and Byetta.  Is this usual to have so many things to take care of my diabetes?  It seems like it is overkill in my opinion.  With having to watch my diet on top of it? Why watch my carbs when I take all of this medicine?  Seems a bit odd to me. 

What does everyone else take for their diabetes?  I have been diabetic for almost ten years now and it seems that I get more and more medicine ordered and my insurance pays for it now but what about when I have to pay for it? It will be impossible to even think about it. And to pay for test strips on top of it. 

Is there any way I can get off some of these meds?  I don't see why I am on so many.  I should be able to take just one and get by.  Any ideas on what I need to say to my doctor about it?


How is your blood sugar control?  Do you think you can go off the meds and maintain your normal blood sugar levels?  You can ask your doctor about it.  I think it sounds like  you should be ok to get off at least one of them and see how your blood sugar is.  Metformin, gliclazide, and Byetta are similar in action so you should see if you are able to titrate off of one of them and see what happens.  I think it sounds like a lot of medication too.   I don’t know what your medical situation is outside of being diabetic, but the doctor must has an explanation to so many meds prescribed.  I hope you are able to eliminate one or more so that you also rid of some of the side effects that may occur from being on them.