I got my nexplanon implant October 28th of 2016 and its now December 4th 2016 so it's only been a month of having it in. But I was a virgin when I got it in and when my boyfriend use to touch my breasts (TMI sorry) I could easily get aroused and very wet. But after getting it in, immediately I lost natural libido and arousal completely, and when we have sex I cant even reach climax through penetration or clitoral simulation (which I'm used to orgasming from easily whether I'm turned on enough or not, hell before I could be super sleepy and still be able to) but I can't even do it alone and when I try it takes forever and i don't even get really aroused. We're forced to use lube which im sensitive to as it burns me after and i hate using it when i know my natural libido is so much better and im only 18 so I know for a fact i dont even need lube. Yes my periods are kinda spotty but doesn't bug me much as I went on the implant mainly so I didn't have to get one anymore but it's made my new sex life so dull and depressing, my boyfriend doesn't want me to enjoy so half-assed cuz for that what's the point of having sex if he's the only one enjoying it fully so he suggests I get it removed and we switch to condoms which is another story as he's been having problems with finding the right condoms cuz the last ones we used that were trojan and they were thin, we both felt nothing at all, and then we used the lifestyles brand and I felt a little but he felt nothing. But yeah I'm thinking about getting an appointment to just get the implant removed as it makes me feel shitty that I'm not working properly when I know I could without the implant, makes me frustrated, I just wondered if anyone else thought this was a good idea as well.