Hello, I'm 18 years old and been smoking weed since I was 17. I want to quit as I know it's not going to get me anywhere in life. Also I feel as if it's ruining my life. I started smoking weed my junior year in highschool and had plenty of friends and was decent with girls and I was really social and could keep conversations going. But now I feel like all that has changes for me. When I'm talking to people I can't seem to keep coversations going and can never think of anything to talk about I run out of ideas and I'm that silent awkward one. I always have to think twice before I talk which I try to do so I don't end up sounding like a retard. Even with my close friends I've had for years I've had these awkward situations. And now when I'm with a girl alone to I'm so much less confident and can't keep coversations instresting or on going. I always get really nervous and would rather leave then stay with her. My confidence level has gone down a lot. If I'm approached by a random person who's trying to start a conversation with me weather it's a male or female I'm always the one to be awkward and try to avoid them and I would love to make new friends but i feel if I keep talking to them they would end up thinking I'm weird and retarded. I feel like all these problems I'm having is from marijuana and it's all just inside the head. I want to overcome all this and be my self again how I was a year or so ago. I was really good with talking to people and had great confidence now it's all gone. It's almost as if I have social anxiety. Hope that's not the issue....and once again this has been a Long time issue I say about from last spring break is where it started. I've just been quite the whole time and going on with it because I feel I can't help my self. All I've tried is taking breaks farthest I've gone is a couple weeks from smoking but I always end up getting back into it. I don't really have any support from family or friends. I feel like I've broken all my good friend relationships and I can't talk to them about my issues anymore. I just don't know what to do it's really hard for me not to have any support around that's why I'm on here trying to get help. I really need this I'm done being depressed. Everytime I think about the past I remember who the person I used to be and that it's not me anymore it really brings me down I hate to look at my old pictures around all the great friends I had and I've lost connection too just because of this. I've been trying to stop smoking the past couple days but I'm having problems with sleeping. I ended up smoking last night just so I can sleep and it worked and thought hopefully it would fix my sleeping schedule it worked for the night I smoked but now it's the next day and I'm sitting here at 6 AM. I feel like I can stop smoking now just because of how depressed I am of using it now it's just that I feel I can't sleep without it. I really thank you for reading this and please help me out. I really need all the help I can get from you. I have no support in person:(