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I hate when people stare! I've been taking allergy medication but it's hardly working any more. I have been living with this condition for almost ten years. It stopped for about a year and now has become such a problem.

Haven't seen a doctor in a while because I don't have health insurance and recently lost my job. This Urticaria is distrupting my life, I don't know what to do.


yep i feel your pain ^_^

my 4th year woooo!!!
i dont no what to suggest apart from carry on taking your allergy pills, doctors cant do anything for you anyway apart from saying "no idea"

take up yoga or something because it can be caused by stress

hope you feel better soon


This is a reprint of something I posted in 2001:(see update below)

I'd been told that my acute chronic hives resulted my auto immune system being messed up due to births. During pregnancy the immune system is suppressed and the hives (a immunityreaction) subside.(My thyroid "died" in my first pregnancy).
I had severe hives daily and breathing difficulties that were aggravated by stress, sweating,cold air/water,nerves, many foods, wool, pollen, dust,
smoke, touch - you name it. I became depressive and reclusive.
I suffered for two and a half years after childbirth - and had a break of
two years after a miscarriage and then the hives returned- full force- when I stopped breastfeeding my next baby- a girl. (No hives during pregnancy! - I was ready to be pregnant forever!)

I tried:
endless antihistamines,
exclusion diets,
acupuncture - 4 months - 3 times weekly.
Chinese medicine (herbs) 2 months.
3 different allergists - just kept adjusting the antihistamines
Rast tests + allergy sensitivity tests - no conclusive results.
Only homeopathy really helped.

I've been free of hives for the last 16 months after 4 months Homeopathic treatment . (exception of one light attack after eating pine-nuts - to which I was EXTREMLY allergic too - 4 months ago)

I'm still a skeptic - but I was desperate and now I definitely recommend
trying homeopathy for this condition. It wasn't expensive and It was much easier to take then the constant antihistamines

AND I'm furious at the Allergy specialists that never suggested it.

I keep my ventolin inhalator and loratadine available but haven't used them in 16 months.
I hope this info can help you.
Good Luck,
E Adler
1) Homeopathy mentioned here is NOT some over-the-counter/internet preparation. It is a regiment of some 6 preparations taken at different intervals - morning/evening/weekly/monthly - and prescribed by a homeopathic specialist who is also a respected GP after a 1/2 hour examination and interview - I live in Israel so I don't think mine will be available to you - but I looked for a GP who also dealt with homeopathy for childrens recurrent infections (read: ear infections).
2) The above was written in 2001 - I have been hive-free except for two flareups which one-month of taking the same preparation solved.
Best of Health to You,


What type of homeopathic therapy did you find effective? I have had chronic hives 24hrs a day for 2 months. As soon as some disappear a new batch flare up. My baby was 8 months when they started. I have had no history of allergies, and am going to see an allergist.. which I am hesitant about. I am still breastfeeding, so I haven't tried a cleanse yet. I kind of feel stuck right now and am just taking claritin when they get really bad. And even with that I will get some breakthrough spots.


i am 19 years old and i have suffured from hives for as long as i can remember, i dont ever take my shirt off in public, im allergic to dogs, cats, pollen, eggs, and many more. i cant eat alot of foods so i never go out to eat. a relationship is impossible because most girls these days are so focussed on the outside that they dont take the time to get to know me. allthough i dont wish this upon anyone i wish there was someone else i could talk to who knows whats going on.


I to have been suffering with chronic hives for the past 4 years.the doctors say lots of people suffer from this condition but I have never met anyone. The hives have impacted every aspect of my life. It's nice to read about other people going through the same thing you don't feel so alone. It seems like my minds always thinking about what the cause could be , but in 4 years I have not figured it out. I have tried everything and nothing seems to get rid of these stupid hives.