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This has been going on far to long and getting depressed over this non sense!

During the summer I notice I was gradualing getting pain in my neck where it would feel like a sunburn and would constantly put a cold pack... The pain eventually gave me very bad headaches and constantly had to lay down. After a few weeks the head pains went away and the neck pain started to ease up and was feeling better, wanting a quick xray that my doc recommend I went to a chiropractor (because it was the fastest way to get a xray) after the xray he used a machine tool that supposedly suppose to free up the vertebrae but instead all hell broke lose.

As soon as he adjusted three areas in my thoracic back I had a strike of burning pain in my right side neck and across my thoracic mid back... I could barely walk out the place and was in so much pain.

After a few days later I lost appetite from the pain... After a week I had strong pains in my stomach and the pain was unbelievable. I had to get a cat scan of my stomach because of my pain but all check fine. Doctors gave me alot of pain killers and nsai/muscle relaxers but it wasn't helping at all! I was put on nexium for my stomach pain and after two months of on going hell I lost 20 pounds, I was having pressure feeling in my left side abdominal area and bladder area felt puffy as well but didn't hurt like my abdominal did. I had ultra sound and it looked fine. After another 2 months I'm still having hellish pain in my back for everyday I've also developed this lightheaded sensation where I feel like my mind is a fog (head pressure/ can't relax)

Here is a picture of the pain

The red area fluctuates threw out the day. It feels like someone is ramming their fist in those areas and its pressure type feeling.. like the feeling when you have to go poop really bad. That type of sensation.

The green area is where it hurt for nearly two months... It felt like a tight bra feeling and constantly put a tense machine to numb the area... the pain has pretty much went away. The neck area (green) hurts at random but maybe once a week.. my neck pain comes and goes three times a week or so and is getting better. This two areas were the first pain I felt after the adjustment from chiropractor... after a few days I notice my lower back burned and travel down my leg for weeks...

the blue area in the picture is this pinchy sunburn sensation I get and it happens if I sit or stand and changes through out the day... If I'm laying down I don't feel the pain at all but as soon as I get up from the bed it hits... This is another reason I've gotten fatigue and wanting to stay in bed alot.....

Now After months of hell I am eating well and not having much abdominal pain. Bladder is puffy but I am sure its from the weight lost.

Back is still hell and gotten depressed from this.. I had to quit my job and stay home with my family because this is terrible , I've gotten depressed over this and had bad thoughts because of the pain but try to keep them under control because doctors will blame this from depression/anxiety... One doctor already through the fibromygima at me and he isn't the only one.

I had Mri of my whole spine
Neck has a few mild hernation
c5/6 & 7 mild uncinate hypertrophy that contributs mild bilateral neural foramina
and c3/4 has mild left neural foramina

Thoracic is fine with a few mild hernation. Small benign hemangioma at endplate of t12

and lumbar has a small herniation at lower area

Neurosurgeons say my mri report doesn't look like it needs any surgery and looks fine.

My catscan of my brain is fine aswell (during headache episodes)

I notice now that my shoulder blade(left side) pops constantly if I shrug my shoulders which it never did before. I feel like I've been beaten up by a baseball bat from the back.

I was doing a good bit of gym work in the summer but the pain came on gradual and doctors said the pain should been sudden if anything did happen.

Doctors told me not to go to a chiropractor but for some reason I feel like I need to get my back adjusted... I have been going to physical therapy for nearly 4 months and been sent out because they told me they done all they could and gave me a home workout.

I've been seeing a D.O for manipulation on my back and didn't see to much of a relief.

I had a blood test done (CBC) and everything was fine.
I am curious is there other test I should get tested to see ?

As I mentioned I was a happy person doing stuff working but now I'm stuck at home try to get this pain go away because I couldn't find my self working again with this much pain.

For those who took the time to read this I thank you with all my heart. I am only 23 male and don't know what to do or turn to. I been stuck at home and constantly doing therapy and yoga and nothing with friends because I always touching my back and can't participate. I want to go back to live my life again and finish college (yes I had to stop that) and plan on going to the military but everything has been stopped. My whole 6 months of my life went down the c**p hole and its still going down.. I appreciate any help from anyone!

And please don't say "you shouldn't gone to chiropractor"
I only went for a xray!

All I can say is that before any problems I was having this rash on the corner of my mouth and it was burning bad aswell however here is my thread on that awhile back

My lips/corner mouth rash is now completely better but I'm not sure if it spread the pain to other location.. this is trying to think at a different way but dermatologist doesn't believe it can..


I don't envy you. I can only offer you words of support and make a few suggestions based on experience with other maladies and injuries.

First, have you ever been tested for any autoimmune problems? Many "strange and seemingly disconnected symptoms" have been linked back to one or another autoimmune illiness. You might need to see a rheumatologist if your internist is not prepared to do this type of testing. Autoimmune illnesses can provoke symptoms similar to arthritis, cause muscle and skeletal problems, provoke gastro flare-ups and skin rashes or vision and hearing issues, and a plethora of other symptoms. The tests you need would begin with an ANA, and probably an ESR and CRP. These are blood tests. There are other tests, too, but the three I named are usually the first tests run. If there is a doubt about the results, ask for more testing. These are not fool proof tests, regardless if the result is positive or negative for something.

You also have too many symptoms to take one doctor's answer as the final word. You are not limited to one of each kind of doctor, either. They all have the potential to overlook or ignore something. They do not all have the same level of experience, especially not with a bagful of varied symptoms. What one internist determines is the problem might not agree with another. Or rhumatologist. Or radiologist for that matter. While getting multiple opinions can be overwhelming and confusing, they also help to ask questions that have not yet been asked in the search for answers. Ask the same questions of each doctor (take lots of notes before and after each appt.) and compare their answers. Add to your list of questions. Call the doctor back with your additional questions. As a student, you have had to do research papers. Well, this is the most important research project you have ever done, so you obviously need to do your homework! Become familiar with medical jargon. You get farther, and are often taken more seriously. Do not, however, take everything you read on the internet to be gospel.

As for going to P.T., I would ask whether or not you felt you were regaining use of some body part, or just generally felt better by going to P.T., or were no longer getting any benefit. What was your intent, and what was the result? If you were getting any benefit from going, I would say that you might want to think about seeking help from different physical therapist(s). It is not the length of time that matters, it's the outcome. Nothing you do there should make you hurt more than you did when you arrived. And hopefully you feel better each time you go. Apart from a little soreness for a day, maybe, you should never feel worse than when you start each session. If you do hurt, then maybe you are seeing the wrong therapist(s). From a distance, it seems to me that if a group of therapists say there is nothing more they can do, they are not being true to their profession.

Don't think too much about how you feel in the moment, mentally as well as physically. Allow yourself a day to feel blue, then get out of the funk. Try to look a little into your future with a bit of positive thinking. Each day brings the potential of finding answers to help you. Keep moving forward, and keep searching. I wish you well. Keep us posted. Good luck!