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I have been really sick for the past year. I had a couple of implants put in and since then everything has went down hill. I have been to 13 different specialist and none of them could give me any answers but they all think it is unrelated to my implants which are made up of nickel, stainless steal, and titanium. I was doing some research on the internet and came across nickel allergy and toxic levels of nickel in the body. the two seem to fit the symptoms I am having. some so severe that I have wound up in the emergency room with the doctors thinking I was having a heart attack. I am 29 years old and have started a reduced nickel diet which helped reduce a lot of my symptoms and made an appointment with an allergist. the allergist was a jerk from the beginning but agreed to do the patch test. when he took it off of my back to read it it read negative but while I had the patch on I had the same horrible symptoms that I had before starting the diet and I got a bad rash on both of my arms and neck. I was wondering if I could still be allergic to Nickel even if the rash didn't show up in the square but some place else. I also tried going back and eating chocolate and drinking tea. that was not a good idea. Now my tongue and throar hurt real bad and I feel really nauseaous. if some one could help I would really appreciate it. misty


wow reading your story sounds just like mine,i just today got a patch test taken off and no rash under it,but i did brake out on my arm ,neck and chest was told that was not from nickel because you have to brake out under patch no place else,while i had the patch on i felt worse my insides hurt even worse the normal, i have had my implants (essure ) in since 2006 and last year i became very very ill,many doctors an ERs later im still sick,and getting worse as days and months go by,not one single doctor ,specialist anyone will say its essure doing this to use women who have fallin for this awful body poisoning ,doctors we trusted did to us..i pray we all find help we need and soon..!!! my name is misty also :)