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I have had implants for a few years now and after getting them I have been breaking out with hives. I did many different tests and the doctors figured out I am allergic to dust mites. I Got my carpet ripped up and got wood floors put in and now I'm breaking out worse if anything. I'm not sure but I was thinking could it possibly be from my implants? Is it a possibility? The doctors are saying "No, its not the implants." but what else could it be? Does anyone have any ideas?

The hives did start after moving into our new house. They made me get rid of my birds and pets and ripped up the floors and I did all the above but yet I'm still flaring up with hives.


You could indeed be allergic to the implant if you got the hives right after the surgery. Moving into your new house could just be a coincidence. You need to see an allergy specialist who is not associated with the surgeons who did the implant.