I started Yasmin 5 months ago. My periods were fine at first, then after being on it for 2months. Now, my periods come and last for 2-3 weeks (very light, but more than spotting) then no period or bleeding for a few days maybe, and then my regular period (heavy w/ cramps). So, I pretty much have my period 3 weeks out of every month for over 3 months. I am not sure if this is because of the pill or something else.

A little back ground- I'm 27, I have a thyroid problem, I had my blood checked and it was in the normal range. 2 children the last one was born 11/4/05 (almost 1 year old) I was breastfeeding and wasn't on bc(birth control) up until 5 months ago. My period became regular. The doctor put me on yasmin and I had terrible nausea but got used to it and I haven't had any other symptons. It was working great. Lighter periods, less pms, etc...I have, also, recently loss some wieght and am now wearing a size 0 and was a size 5-7, I have not been a 0 since before my first child. Now, I'm unsure if it is the bc or something else, something that is possibly more serious???? ANy help would be really appreciated.

I'm very concerned and will be going to the doc, however, my ins. is brand new and we don't want this (what ever it is) to be a pre-existing condition. So, I will be waiting a few week-a month.