I also was had a bad experience with the company for 866-599-6552 the company associated with this number is North American but when you call its med express, I have been trying since January to get back the $297.50 they took from my account unauthorized. Supposedley they are out of Champlain New York. First I was told they would mail out a form to request my money back, then the check would be mailed to me and somebody will call you back, and of course no one ever calls back. I am at the point where I am going to file charges with the attorney general in New York and the state where I live also. Beware of this fraudulent company. I don't know how they got my banking information, but the address they had was over 3 yrs old and I had not lived there in 3 yrs. If anyone else has had dealings with this company turn them in so no one else get burned by them