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My boyfriend and I moved into a small cabin in north to work. The cabin had a large, there was a couch on the porch, and the main room had our desk and beds, and not much else in it. We noticed immediately a black mold covering the sides and back of the couch, but thought little of it, not really minding the great outdoors and all of its less than sterile pleasures. Few months after I‘ve got a sore throat, cough, sneezing and immense fatigue. I think it is related with mold. Is it possible? Had anyone else has such experience?


Yes, I had been experiencing decreased attention span and increasing fatigue for some time before I began the mold project. I felt that was the underlying cause for not sleeping well. However, I’ve not seen insomnia reported as being related to mold. It wasn't until the mold-cleanup was finished that I was able to get back to normal sleep patterns, and once I did, my restlessness and fatigue were much improved. So I guess the fatigue and attention span problems were related to insomnia rather than mold.


You aren't in the cottage any more but in case you encounter a similar
problem again, get Tea Tree Oil to clean everything. (actually, I
would have burned the mold covered furniture unless it was valuable
enough to salvage.)

When encountering severe mold problems like
that, you must remember that mold spores don't just stick to
the surface they grow on. They explode, shooting mold
particles into the air. You need an ionic air purifier to clean your
air while you regulary clean the surfaces of everything with the
tea tree oil.

Rember to wash your hands regulary as well as your face and inside
your nostrils - again - with tea tree oil.

If you still have a sore throat, gargle with diluted tea tree oil several
times per day.

Your immune system has been attacked by the mold and needs
some strengthening. Our bodies are made to heal themselves and
it just simply takes good whole food nutrition.

Hope this helps.

~~~<//>< Karen