Hello to all Im so sorry to hear about your suffering, I only have that to look forward to unfortunately. My next shot is due in feb and Im going to skip it. I have been on it for about 8yrs and my husband and I are ready to start a family I hope it doesnt take too long. I would like to hear more from those of you this has happened to as for when these symptoms started after you quit the shot and for how long they lasted. Also those of you trying to concieve have you been successful if so how long did it take and those of you still trying how long have you been trying. I am not sure how I stummbled across this forum but im glad i did because at least I have some idea what to look forward too :'( One last thing are there any remedies you have come across to help any of these symptoms? Also has anyone out there went to another form of birthcontrol after getting off the shot that has made the symptoms non existant, not last long, or at least bearable. let me know thanks and i hate to say it but i guess i will be in the same boat soon :'(