So about three weeks ago I got on the pill, at the the same time I took a pregnancy test just incase at planned parenthood. The lady said it was negative and great! She also mentioned that when I reached the green pills I wuold get my period. I still have not reached the green pills and got my "period" a week ago now. I am not sure if it is my period or not beceause i started spotting on Sunday and it got a lil heavier and now it has gotten low again but its now the next Monday and when I took my tampon out htere was a stringy bloody tissue looking thing. I know im suppose to be having spotting the beginning usage of the pills but for more then a week straight to were i almost need to wear a tampon? Also, I'v been having bad cramps and my breasts have been feeling a little tender as well, but thats another stympton I was told that would occur as soon as I started taking the pill..But all these signs seem a little off as if something else is wrong?? Am I just being very paranoid?? My bf and I have been playing it pretty safe even if im on the pills he still uses condoms the only time was about two weeks before I got on the pill he wasnt sure but then againt he lady said it was negative??..Idk! What to do?!!