I am very confused as to what I have. I thought that I contracted the herpes 2 virus from an ex who would have cold sores on occasion. I was afraid he might have given it to me through oral sex. Now I am left in the dark on this. About a month after we split, I noticed these hard,grey patches (very tiny, about the size of a pin head) on my labia. There were about 4 of them. One became a bit painful, like a sore. I went to my gyno, but she said she was not convinced that it was even an std at all, just an irritation/infection and asked if I had changed detergents or wear tight pants. I answered no to both. She took a scrape and a swab of the lesions. At the time I was not experiencing any flu symptoms, and though the gray patches were slightly irritated enough to know they were there, the scrape/swab didn't hurt, and I could urinate fine and go about daily activities fine. They went away within 4 days.
Now, 1 1/2 yrs later, I suddenly became very sick in August with flu-like symptoms. I was achy,had a fever and headache, and severe chills. This lasted almost two weeks. During this time, I noticed 3 grey patches again. 2 of them turned into canchres. They were only slightly painful. I could wash, urinate and move around fine. They had almost puss-colored tops, with a grey base. The puss top fell out. They would bleed a bit. I tried to get a gyno appointment again, but the next available one was the following week. The canchers did not scab over. They just became smaller until they were completely gone. The third grey patch never developed into a sore. It just went away. This happened within a week. Now there is nothing for the gyno to swab or even see. I was afraid it was herpes because of the flu-symptoms, but I've never had blisters, just hard grey dots that turn into canchers, and they don't scab over. They don't hurt either.., they just feel irritated if anything. Please can someone help me on this? I've been checking out herpes sites all over the web, but every picture I see does not look like what I had. Do these descriptions help? I live in the US. I thought it could have been chancroid too.