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I have sores on my perineum and labia (one sore on each). The sore on my vagina looks more like a line about 2cm long. They do not look like herpes sores. My doctor says it just looks like irritation and not herpes. They do not blister puss or ooze. However they itch a lot and are slightly sore only when touched (like any cut). First my perineum swells before the sores appears. I have had 2 swab tests and 2 blood test and all came back negative. How is that possible? This is the third time they have appeared. What else could they be? I do have odd skin autoimmune things some times (lichen planus, vitiligo, tinea versicolor)? Could that have anything to do with these sores? Some one please help me.


maybe an ingrown hair ??