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what if i have 4 ulcers in my pubic areas...near the opening....can anyone tell me what issiT PLS!??!


I had an uncommon infection called Chancroid. I also had ulcers on my vulva. They were very close to the clitoris. They hurt and were full of puss. What are yours like?
My doc told me men are more prone for this infection but girls get it too. I didn’t have actual sex but I did some making out with a guy, and we were both naked. However, intercourse never occurred.

I told this to my doc and he said that rubbing and any physical contact might have caused the transmittion, as well as oral, anal and vaginal sex.
I am not saying you got that as well but why not check yourself.
My doc also suspected genital herpes and syphilis (very dangerous), because these diseases also have ulcers as symptoms.