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I have a little bumps in my inner lips of the vagina. i dont feel them but they look like they are under my skin. can some help me out here


I feel like I have the exact same thing. I have tons and tons of little itty bitty white bumps that are under the skin on the inner labia all above the clitoris. I have known down below that where my vaginal opening/anus is. I went to planned parenthood today and they said I have herpes.... I went in because I was having burning when having intercourse and dryness inside my vagina and itchiness but only in and around my vaginal opening. I didn't even notice the little bumps, I've always had those bumps there and sometimes they are larger then other times and I never really paid attention to it. They have never opened up or caused sores. I don't think they will but she said she is positive its herpes even though she can't do a swab (the bumps are not opened) and also she said not to do a blood test until 3 months from now because if its your first "outbreak" it might test negative until 3 months later so now I am stuck worrying my head off if these things will burst and scab over and I don't even know if anything is wrong with me or what it is for 3 months. I honestly do not believe its herpes, she told me I was in denial and should take the medication anyway and I refused to buy it until I know for sure thats what it is. I have been with the same person for 3 years and he was a virgin, I was with two other guys before him and one was a virgin and the other was not. That was more than 3 years ago though. Like I said, my bumps do not hurt at all or itch or bother me. I am having irritation around my vaginal opening, I think its because i switched from bar soap to summers eve and maybe I have been washing myself too rough down there and messing with the normal levels of bacteria and what not. It just feels really dry like theres a cotton ball in there and that makes it itchy and its slightly red. I have no burning when peeing or flu like symptoms. Anyone know what this could be? I don't have insurance and really can't afford to do much else.... she is the only np at the pp by me.