A few weeks, ago my uncle underwent ACDF of C5 and C6. The day after his was dicharged from the hospital he developed numbness and tingling in his right hand,  stabbing neck pain, shortness of breath, and feelin like an elephant was sitting on his chest. He has had a chest xray that shows nothing abnormal and a heart catheterization that shows normal coronaries. Pulmonary function test pending.  He has also had CT scan nothing abnormal per his doctors.  

I suggested he ho back to his neurosurgeon, which he did and was told no issues with his surgery. He has now had these symptoms for two full weeks. I have advised him to request  a V/Q scan or a CTA ( PULMONARY ANGIOGRAM ) to r/o PE.  Additionally,  I'm concerned he could possibly gave unilateral phrenic nerve damage and have suggested he talk with his doctor about tests for that.  Is there anything else I should be thinking of based on his symptoms that should be looked into? I should mention he also had an ECHO - completely normal also.