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i am 43, i have had 5 cerebral aneurysms that has been stent and coiled but now for the past 5 days i have had the numb feeling on the right side of my head and the right half of my hand and now the right side of my face and my left hand is going numb.I also have closing of my spine in two areas they are located from C5 to C7 i have spinal stenosis and from L3 to L5 i have narrowing of the spinal canal there is a central/ right paracentral disk herniation which causes narrowing of of the nerve root which is the same thing i guess to spinal stenosis to L3 to L5 so i don't know what is doing this is it my spine or is it my aneurysms very scared


Hi Marie,

See your doctor.

It probably isn't cervical if your face is going numb.  It may be another aneurysm. 

Good luck.