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Hi- I inserted nuvaring on the last day of my period and removed it two days after. I got a daylong period five days after the day I removed nuvaring and has had unprotected sex before, during and after insertion and removal of nuvaring. I am not sure when to expect my next period(if any) since my cycle may have changed with nuvaring insertion and removal and I am worried that I could be pregnant. When should I be expecting my next period? If I am pregnant its okay, but I just want to know if I should be expecting a pregnancy or waiting for a period. I dont want to go to the doctor yet until I strongly suspect pregnancy. Please advice accordingly- my cycle is usually 28 days and more often than not accurate.


YES you should suspect preganncy, that is what happens when you engage in unprotected sex.

You could get a period, you could be pregnant, but you will not know until later.