I have very bad cramps for 2 days now and I'm not due for my period until another 8 more days (which is when the sugar pills are supposed to be taken) which is when I usually get my period. Does anyone take this pill because now I'm thinking of switching birth controls. I thought when you take birth control it is supposed to help you with your cramps. So I was thinking all day I was going to get my period but it has not come yet. I have very sore nipples and my breasts are very full. I had forgotten to take my BC for a couple days at the right time but I doubt I could be pregnant. I believe my last period was around October 20th or 25th. BC is supposed to stop ovulation so I doubt I'd be pregnant. But my stomach is so bad and also breasts. I have been on this BC for 3 months now. If anyone knows anything that would help me out that would be great!