i had protected sex last november. flash forward to spring, when i had an awful bout of tonsillitis, and, in july, a urinary tract infection. i got tested for the uti at planned parenthood, where they for some reason did a chlymadia and gonorhea test (i guess because the urine was there to test). so then, even though those std tests were negative, i was paranoid that i had an undiagnosed std from november. so i plunged into internet research and freaked myself out and insisted on being tested for syphilis and hiv, too. they were negative. after i had finished my uti antibiotics, i still felt a burning sensation while urinating, and a pelvic pressure (not pain, pressure). there were no sores, but i felt compelled to get tested for herpes, just to be safe. big bummer cause today i got my period so when i went to planned parenthood and they couldn't do a microanalysis for vaginitis. and because i had no sores, she wouldn't test for herpes. she told me it's probably yeast and gave me meds and sent me on my way. but just now i was inspecting my vaginal area and found a red bump about a cm from my labia. it is not fluid filled. it looks a little like a volcano, or like a pimple that has already been popped. maybe like an ingrown hair. but it is enough to cause me great concern--is it possible that i could have been having an first-time outbreak for the last month--itching, irritation while urinating, and now a "sore". ?
some thoughts?
(oh also 8 weeks ago i had a brazilian done so i've had mild difficulty with ingrown hairs since then, but never one so close to my labia)