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Okay I had sex for the first time on feb 22nd it was protected and it didnt last long he pulled out when he came. I didn't miss a period in march(came early) April(came early) or may. And I am on my period now it wasn't late. But in May my period was 2 days late. And it was a normal period. I ain't had sex since then I've just been fingered and ate out. I've gave bjs and handjobs. I honestly don't see how I could be pregnant. I just want some answers!!


If a guy hasn't came inside of you, and you see no way on how you could've gotten pregnant, then you are most likely not even pregnant. There are only certain ways to get pregnant and getting aten out of, blowjobs, handjobs and everything else not involving sperm going into your vagina, cannot get you pregnant. So this is most likely just a late period...they happen, not all cycles are normal and easy. But, my love, if this issue does bother you alot, I say go to a doctor or take a test to know for sure:)

Goodluck & Godbless<3