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well... me and my girlfreind got to meet a couple days ago.. and we got pretty busy and were pretty worried cuz well...
wenn i got their we just cuddled and then i got turned on and started just getting her turned on and stuff and we basically did everything fingering.. handjobs.. blowjobs.. ect.. and then like well.. i put on a condom.. *were both virgins* and i was going inn andd it already ripped.. thats the first worry.. precum might have gone in... and the 2nd worry is that after the condom ripped i immediatly got out and like she just giving me a ha****b or a blow job and like the for the last 2 minutes i just rubbed my penis on her p***y and i tryd to avoid the opening but sometimes i might have touched it.. and i spermed right on top of her p***y well not on top a lil near her stomach.. and then i made her clean it up but she says that she thinks some might have gone in.. but she says probably not.. well thats our problem.. can someone help.. oh by the way.. her period ended on the 23.. and we did this on the 25.. her next period is due on the 16th.... is their any chance? sum1 help please and thank you


Well there is a chance that she could get pregnant. If precum was the only thing that went inside, then the chances are alot slimmer but still a chance, nonetheless. Precum still has hundreds of sperm, and if she just got off her period 2 days before this happened, that raises the stakes a little bit. I'm not trying to freak you out, but if she is regular, then by the time you guys engaged in activity, her egg could have already dropped. I'm not gaurenteeing anything, because everyone's body is different. I'm just warning you of the possibilities. Now, here's what you can do, when it gets closer to her time to start her period, go get a pregnancy test. I recommend First Response because it's easy to read, and it comes with more than one test.

And for future reference, sperm can live inside for up to 72 hours. If you ever think or feel that it wasn't totally protected, get the Plan-B morning after pill. Depending on where you are, it could be different, but here in Cali you have to get a Dr.'s note first.

Also, use condoms that have spermicide.

Good Luck!