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Hi everyone,

I'm quite a big fan of online buying and I've gotten into the habit of buying from Ali Express. Some products are disappointing, but mostly, if you search around and take a long hard look at the reviews, you get great products for a very reasonable price. 

I've also been hoping to be rid of the hair on several parts of my body permanently, but at home laser devices are usually so expensive. Guess what? I just found several on Ali Express ranging from about $100 to $500. I am really tempted but because it is a medical device of sorts, I'm more reluctant than usual as well. It's not a cheap dress that you can chuck if it doesn't look nice, if you get my drift. 

So basically:

  • Is ordering laser for hair removal from China worth it in terms of product quality?
  • Are these laser hair removal devices from China safe?
  • Have you bought one and how did you get on?



Well, I personally wouldn't. I mean, most things are produced in China these days and I don't have a problem with that as such, but when you are talking about ordering items off sites like Ali Express, you are unlikely to be talking about high end, tested, good quality products - even where the price gets kind of crazy. I am pretty sure you can get reputable laser hair removal devices for $500 from reputable vendors. 

I actually just looked it up and the Tria laser for hair removal, one of the most reputable products on the market today, is available for $359 on Amazon right now. So if I were going to order a product like that, I would personally rather go for that one. 



Hell no! I'd be terrified that a laser hair removal machine from China would fry my skin or something. I'd look reviews up for a very long time along with instructions on using it before I ordered anything like that, and even so I'd rather go with a trusted brand. If at all. I mean, when you read about how to choose a clinic for laser hair removal you'll doubtless notice there's a great emphasis on making sure the people administering the laser hair removal are qualified. Are you qualified? Am I? Hell no! So if not knowing what you're doing causes any issues I'd rather play it safe and get it done by someone who does know... 



Well, this one IPL laser for hair removal that I looked at, most of the reviews just said "good and fast seller" and things like that. OK, I don't doubt that the transaction went smoothly and the product arrived on time. There was only one review saying that it actually removed hair as advertised, over time, though, and that was from a person who said they were skeptical at first but had thick hair and it worked eventually. The review seemed genuine, but it was only one.

I have nothing against hair removal devices from China. Considering the cheaper price I am actually very interested. But if there isn't the customer base to provide an objective review, I'm not ready to take the plunge yet.


Yes, you make a very, very good point actually. Why are reputable brands reputable? Because they are 1. tested by lots and lots of consumers and 2. often written about extensively by beauty magazines, websites, and so on. An obscure brand that nobody has ever heard of is not going to draw the same attention, so consumers will never know if their laser hair removal device does what it says on the tin and actually removes hair.

The other thing I would be worried about is that products sold in normal stores in the US and other developed countries need to meet certain safety requirements. Is it the same for hair laser removal devices from China? I would think not.

So for me, the verdict is no. I'd either get laser hair removal done by a professional or order a reputable hair removal device for home use, like the Tria laser.



Just in case you were not already aware I thought you might like to hear about the best laser hair removal devices for sale for home use right now:

  • Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X
  • Remington iLIGHT Pro Hair Removal System
  • Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System
  • Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001 Intense Pulsed Light Body Only Hair Removal System

I know it seems like home laser hair removal devices were completely new to the market just 5 minutes ago, but if you look around now, you will see they have dropped in price a lot and you can easily find something on Amazon in the same price range as what you would find on Ali Express. 

I know what my choice would be.