I'm a 19 year old female and it's a really delicate issue. I've always had extra hair. I noticed it in my stomach when I was in middle school, and it's expanded over time. Just last year I noticed it on my chest and between my breasts too. Never saw it there before... I went to the doctor to ask about this and what could be done because I've heard things about PCOS and the sorts.

She looked at it and told me about bleaching or laser hair removal. That was it. Nothing about PCOS or anything else.

Laser hair removal costs thousands especially to the length I want it.

I heard about Tria Laser Hair removal with is basically at home not as strong but approved by the FDA for much less money, but I got to thinking...
If I used it on my chest would it cause breast cancer?
It states from the neck down it is approved.
May be a silly question but I just wanted to know.