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Hello. I'd like to get laser hair removal on my armpits, but I've heard several scary stories that this procedure may cause breast cancer because it uses a light form of radiation and because it blocks lymph nodes. Is this true?



Well, first off, lasers used for cosmetic purposes, like for skin corrections, and those used for hair removal don't use 'light form of radiation'. In fact, they don't use any form of radiation at all. Instead, most commonly used lasers for the hair removal work by focusing a beam of light directly on the hair follicle. It's basically light focused on a single spot - it's like using the mirror to focus the light that comes from the sun to start a fire. Only, of course, lasers are way more precise since they can target a single hair follicle.

You can also always ask about any detail of the procedure before you decide to do it. It's pretty expensive, so if you have doubts - make sure exactly how will the procedure go and what potential side effects might be.

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