Hello my name is Jessica. I am 21 an have been with my husband for almost 4 years now. We've been having unprotected sex for abouta few months now using the pull out system. I'm ready for a baby an I know he is too but he's afraid. I have a very irregular period ranging from 30 days to 45 always! I started my last period Oct 7. We had an accident where he came inside fully on Oct 21st. An I started my ovulation just two days before on Oct 19th. Some of the cemen came out went I got up but I never urinated. We went to bed an i was dry because i cleaned the excess semen on the outside an left whatever was left inside when we went to bed. in the middle of the night I kept feeling wet. I touched myself an it smelled like semen. I then went to thw bathroom peed an cleaned up. My ovulation is usually excessive an very sticky an clearish. But since this accident its been more lotion white like an very minimal but I always feel very wet. I also have been having an odor that's musky. Even right after a shower. I know I don't have any infections I already checked. I've been have lower abdominal pains like menstrual.cramps. I've also have had momenta where I'm so annoyed an aggravated for no reason. Felt nausious only twice but no throwing up an I feel like I crave salty stuff all the time. I'm sure its still too early to tell since its only the 29th of Oct. But I need help figuring out how to tell or if I should just leave it alone an if anyone has had the same symptoms??