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My brother is abusing Oxys. its been a year since he met the devil. He quit it once.. Last summer only after 2 months of addiction. He went cold Turkey For 20 days. That's when we realized he is addicted to something. He was doing good or we thought he was until he got arrested because he was in the same car as a suspected theif. This was 2013 October. He still denied everything and said he had no idea. Since then life has been hell. 

He got to a point, he did not have a sober hour.. He was killing himself! In Canada you can't do much. The Doctors would not help unless he wanted it nor the police could do anything just because he is high. I mean he is a teenager obviously he does not know what's right for him in this sitiouation. Anyways he did another thing and hot arrested again.. This tine the court asked my parents if they want him back? Basically will you sign section 31? They denied him.. So that he can be ALIVE. Youth costudy, prison was our only hope to keep him breathing.. Keep him from an overdose. 10 days later my parents gave him a chance.....


dear lord, worse than before.... He over did.  when addicts get realsed they tend to over do it.


So yeah, he went back.. basically he is been in there 3 times. Last time almost 20 days... He was clean for the first 5 days...ran into same old friends. Stared again. He is doing it every other day now.. In the past 10 days. this time I swear I thought it be different :( he told us he is fed up. We are too... I hide my purse. We sometimes follow him. He has put all of us in severe depression. He acts as if we should not be. It's him who is hurt the most, it's him who has more problems then us.. Such a frustration. I feel like my brother is gone. Someone else is in his body. 


I'm just sooo afraid that he won't ever quit? I really want to know if there is hope. Please share your stories too. They have kept me going. 


Thank yo