So I just got back from therapy today and reason why I found this site/am posting this is because I don't believe much of what she said or advice. So I need some more outside advice/opinions.

My name is Hayden, I'm a 21 year old male . Living in a house with my girlfriend, working a job of my dreams, paying for everything myself, while going to college. My brother for the past two years with his wife has come to pretty much hate me and turned my parents against me convincing them that they almost don't love me, it's made me almost kill myself a few months ago.

So over the past two years I've been subconsciously  distancing myself from my brother. For my whole life growing up he's been almost Bipolar without actually being diagnosed, my dad claims he "has a hormonal imbalance" which is something my mom supposedly has as well that they take pills for. My parents have always used this as an excuse for him growing up, but never disciplining him of his actions, even before he was "diagnosed". He's done many things to hurt me sometimes physically, constantly mentally. He's almost committed suicide in front of me as well and I've had to wrestle the gun from his hand when he had it at his head. Nothing came out of it.. "Son take your pills again and remember to go to therapy". My father paid almost a million dollars to have my brother race in an off road race, under pressure during a pit stop he screamed at my mother and threw stuff saying such as "You are not invited to my wedding, how does it feel to not be invited to your own sons wedding!!!??" Which they were fully paying for in a few weeks. And still did, with no repercussions.

i can't be around this anymore, and from the first bit of cutting off communication with my brother he has turned my parents against me now. Which in turn has made them pretty hostile to me, even though I've sat down with them and pleaded for help. Which went into one ear and out the other. My brother has always been the closer one with them as well, house paid for, truck given to him, and his job given to him by working for my dad.

i need some advice. Everyone under the sun has told me to change the way I look and that family is forever. That's a load of sh*t because I've tried being the best brother ever and get run down, I can't do it anymore. As far as the suicidal stuff I'm to grips with all of that, again I've gotten peace from not speaking to them.