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I've been very worried about how my family may be addicted to marijuana and other drugs. My brother has been arrested several times and caught with pot, pipes, and even a syringe. I've also snooped around my parent's room and found a box with weed in it and bongs in a night stand. I don't want to fall into this addiction either. My aunt has been caught selling crack and other drugs too. I've overheard my family members talking about smoking it too and I've been really worried. Also my best friend has been pulled into smoking pot by his brother and I've seen what will end up happening to him and I want to try and get him off it. Is there anything I can do?


thats sad man. my family has an alcohol addiction which i got into. im not addicted but i know there is a huge chance its there. basically no matter what you will always have a temptation for drugs since you grow up around it. what you need to do is just dont do them. no matter how bad those anti-drug commercials are, they are right. drugs just f**k with your mind. personally if i where you i would either find a psychiatrist to talk through your problems, or get good grades and go to college and escape this kind of life. make something of yourself


I do agree with you Guest..

Hi ieatfoodz456!!!
every life is a precious one..
dont spoil it further more..
it's better to consult a physician to have the idea of how to get recovered from addiction.

All the best for your Recovery.
Go ahead!!!

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