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I am 23 years old. About two months ago I slipped on the bathroom floor and dislocated my patella. It snapped back in on it's own and I was referred to a doctor. He kept me in a straight brace for an entire month and during that time it re-dislocated five times while in the brace. Both the MRI and X-Rays show that my kneecap isn't anywhere near the groove and is actually riding on the outer edge of the femoral head. I went to see a new doctor who put me in PT to get it bending again and build up some strength. It's been about three weeks and I can almost bend my leg all the way. I still can't go up stairs or kneel on it, and sometimes when I walk down hills it really hurts so I use a single crutch on occasion. I also can't really stand for extended periods of time. Is it normal to be having these symptoms?

My new doctor says that I won't be able to re-track my knee with PT because it is so far out and that I will need a Lateral Release. I've heard some horror stories about Lateral Releases and now I'm terrified that something will happen and my knee will never stop hurting. Any helpful advice about the procedure would be great.. I don't want to be 23 and have my knee messed up forever. :-(


I understand your concern because you just got injured and now you're worried that you have already given yourself a lifelong injury. Knee injuries are especially tricky (did your doctor say anything about it by the way?) because they can be an ongoing issue for people. I think at this point that it would be best not to worry about it and talk to your doctor about it. Does anyone else have experience with lateral releases here? Keep us posted.