I had two total knee replacements about 4 years ago --- one went well --- the other (left) did not --- experienced a stress fracture about two months post-replacement. In Jan 2009 - I fractured the patella in this same L knee replacement. Had patella revision in July 2009.
Physical therapy was aggressive and within three weeks the nondisplaced fracture had become displaced and the knee cap migrated
the other direction.

I have full flexion and extension --- can lift my leg. I have less strength than in the right leg - cannot do stairs normally (up or down) ---
and the pain can be a deep ache to a 'stinging' sensation.

Is there a surgical resolution to this (1) if I had been seen early on after the fracture (my surgeon told me he couldn't fix it months ago) ... and/or (2) since it has now been about 6+ months.

I have gone for four opinions - I know this is a relatively rate occurrence but this is ending my career as a medical masage therapist because of my inability to be on my knees - much less working from a lunge position.