I am female 22 years old. This is a bit of a long story, I want to tell all the details. Thank you for taking the time to read.

Last November 2011, I was practicing with my workmates. It was a dance and I was suppose to split. I have done splits during college and have been stretching for a week to loosen my muscles to completely perfect it again. I was wearing my work clothes which is a skirt(corporate one) and stockings. We practiced the dance part (not yet for the split) near our workplace so I didnt had time to go home and change into sports clothes or a more comfty dress. I got carried away(stupid! i forgot im wearing a skirt) and next thing I know, I dropped. (waa, im reminiscing it and i hate the feeling) I didn't complete the split because my skirt stopped my legs so I dropped on my right knee. My knee caps are very movable(its a bit weird, because some of my friends cant move them that much). But this time my knee cap was pushed (very to the right) and got stucked. Everyone was shocked because I moaned very loudly. That time, I felt something on my hip, but I disegarded it. My attention was completely into the pain on my knee. My knee really hurts so I had to push the knee cap back (again, my workmates were shocked I pushed it back) I massaged it to lessen the pain. It hurt for maybe 10 minutes. Then we have to stop the practice. I was like walking home in just one foot. They even carry me through stairs. I put cold compress before I went to sleep. Then when I woke up, it was swollen. It hurts when I put my legs straight and sometimes the knee cap voluntarily locks again(which really hurts, but I can push it back easily now unlike the first time) Im really worried, maybe a bone was broken, so I decided to not to go to work and go to my hometown (my mom was worried). We had it checked that very day (X-ray on the right knee).  The one who first checked me is like the resident doctor, and she didnt know much of my situation so she called an ortho. The ortho said I broke a ligament and suggested a cast (plaster). So, I quickly said yes. It felt ok when the cast dried(when its hard). I only had it for a week, because I cannot stand the itch. I removed it myself by carefully hammering with a nail, and carefully cutting the soft parts. We didnt go back to the hospital because it would cost us another payment(financial status is below average). It still feel painful but not as much a week ago. Its hard to bend my knees when I walk(because of the one week cast- my leg was forced to be straight all week). I cover my whole right leg with a cloth and sometimes a long bandage so that it wont be swollen because of the cold. Oh by the way, I quit my job. After a week without the cast, walking still hurts. So my mom insisted that we go to a "massager"(i dont know if this is their english term, but in our language we call it manghihilot). I dont really believe that these types of people(quack doctors) can make my situation better(sometimes they just make it worse) But just to make my mom shut, I agreed. We went to this manghihilot. He pushed his thumb very hard on some parts of my knee. He made me drink alcohol. He said that I would feel less painful. But unfortunately I still felt very painful. After 4-5 days, I can walk less painful. It seems it was a success. Then after a month. I walked normally. But time to time I can feel something weird on my right hip when I stand so long. Theres also a weird sound from inside when I stand where most of my weight is on the right foot.. Even if I stretch my whole right leg to feel comfty, theres still that feeling. Did I dislocate something on my right hip too? Will it affect the development of my body?

Thank you for the replies.. Im really worried.