It started one day while I was talking to someone and walking backwards. I stepped into a hole in the side walk and my toes stayed on the side walk and my heel hit the ground about 4" down. I didn't fall but I did get a little twisted and then this pain SHOT UP the back of my leg. I felt my knee joint slammed together and I went home and iced that.

So now my days start like this. My left leg is a little stiff when I start out in the morning but that doesn't last past my first cup of coffee. However the more I walk the worse the pain gets in the back of my leg. The pain is located in the back of my leg just above my knee on the outside. By the time I walk my dog (about 1/2 mile) the pain is so bad that I'm limping home and have to take the stairs one at a time.

When I lift my leg to get into my SUV the pain is worse and at the end of the day when getting into my SUV the pain is severe. I can no longer cross my legs while sitting to put on socks or tie shoes. Walking up stairs is painful BUT only to the back of my leg above the knee. My knee doesn't hurt but I do have limited negative motion from a old sports injury. I had an x ray, no ACL tear. I was told I have a bad knee and that's why the rear of my leg above my knee hurts. However my knee doesn't hurt.

Anyone else have any suggestions? I feel this was misdiagnosed