After 2 ACL tears, 5 meniscus tears and years of arthritic pain, I opted for a TKR at age 48. For 13 months, I thought it was the best thing I ever did. Then, my knee started catching as if there was something being impinged or getting stuck and then releasing. Very painful. Original surgeon suspected the popliteal tendon was the problem so he releases that. Didn't work. 6 months later, another surgeon suspected patellar clunk (scar tissue under the kneecap). Didn't work. It mostly happens going down stairs or when I am extending out of a flexed weight bearing position. Been to 5 very highly regarded surgeons in Los Angeles area and nobody knows what the problem is. My knee is worse now than it was before the original replacement. Unstable, constant swelling and pain in the kneecap area. Pop and release I feel strangely feels like it's coming from the back part of the knee. I don't know what to do, who to see and am thoroughly disappointed that all these supposedly guru's can't help me. They tell me a total revision isn't an option as I'll be worse off than I am now. Anyone have suggestions? I'm willing to travel to wherever I need to if I an find a surgeon who can help me. Thanks.