I sustained an ACL rupture and grade 2 MCL tear on the 12th of Apr while playing badminton as I landed from a jump awkwardly on my left leg. I had my ACL reconstructed (Hamstring graft) on the 17th of Apr and the recovery has been fine till date except for the below problem; I was asked not to weight bear till week 4 post op because of the MCL tear.

After my second post op checkup @ week 4 I was cleared to weight bear; soon after I started to weight bear the swelling around the knee started to drain to the shin area and I find fluid around the knee cap and in the knee joint. I reached out to my surgeon and explained that I have this swelling which is never reducing and he told that it is normal and the fluid will eventually get absorbed by the body give it some more time.

Now its end of week 8 and the upper part Knee still remains swollen as how it was from Week 3; just that if I keep it elevated, extended and iced the swelling around the shin area comes down but the fluid around the knee cap still remains and pressurizes the knee when I flex it or walk on it. I do not have any swelling or pain in the knee joint.

I have been given an appointment on the 16th of June for an Aspiration to drain the fluid from the Knee.

My question is this normal that surgeons wait till this long to aspirate the knee and drain fluid or he should have drained it 1 week post op checkup when I complained about the swelling, stiffness while flexing?

Also will the swelling settle down soon after the aspiration procedure is complete?