Hi I am hoping someone can help me or give me advice! I am 11 months post op on an acl reconstruction and a partial meniscus removal. I played netball on Wednesday night and jumped for a ball and felt a slight pain in my knee... The next day it was fine, I walked this day for about 40mins but no other exercise. On the Friday I had my advanced leg class at the physio and thought the knee was a bit stiff when I was walking to it, but it does that sometimes so didn't think anything of it. Felt normal pain/ Movement problems in the physio session. On the friday night I was walking to the pub and my knee clicked quite loud but it felt quite nice, then it clicked/popped again and hurt a little, then again and hurt a little more and then continued to do it sporadically through the night... By the end of the evening and when I woke the next day I could barely move my leg from the swelling. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? It's still bad now and it's been a week! I really hope someone can help because the nhs don't seem to care!! Thank you