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I planned on going to the doctors if the symptoms don't stop in a couple days by the way. About 4 days ago, I started to get some back pain. It's in my upper back and it feels like someone is lighting my spinal cord on fire and pulling the muscles around it. And I started to get a pain on the upper part of my right stomach like under my rib cage and it basically sits there and goes under the rib cage and it feels like something it sitting there constantly. I'm not running a fever. I took my temperature and it's 99°. I'm tired way more than usual. Normally this wouldn't set me off as worried, but here's the kicker. II'm having pale/clay colored stool. I'm not trying to self diagnose trust me. I'm just trying to get some opinions if I should go now if it's serious or if I should wait a couple days and see if it gets better? Has this happened to anyone else? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


This back pain might have occurred due to stretching of muscles. You should immediately consult with back pain chiropractor as I have same problem then I have visited to Stillorgan Chiropractic Clinic doctors, they have helped me to give relief from back pain.