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please i need a help, unexplained pain in my quadriceps and under my rib cage..

years ago i have unexplained pain under my rib cage i feel i need to strongly raise up the last bone of mu rib cage in order to relieve that unexplained pain. to explain more my rib cage's last bone feels to be torn.

this pain, which cannot be described " Unfamiliar pain", aslo located in my quadriceps, i feel i need to hit and press on the upper muscles of my quadriceps or sharply massage it.  i fee i need to tear it, sometimes while having shower, i do massage it by using soap or sometimes i started strongly hit it.

i feel the same pain between my fingers, so i usualy tightens between two of my fingers. and under my nails so usualy pressing on my nails.

this unexplained pain cannot be described as any other pain like Muscle rupture or wounding or pain caused by receiving a bruise. if i want to describe that pain i should day it is like an energy saved in my muscles or something like liquid flow in my muscles..

15 years ago, i described that pain to my parents as  i feel like " Suger" in there, under my nails.. but no one could underdstand that.. also I do not suffer from any disease and there is no known medical symptoms appear ..


please help me i need an explanation, sometimes the pain is annoying and I cannot sleep..

please help me


Hello, Qais....  I would like to know what kind of pain you are describing.  I know you say it is an "unfamiliar" pain, but is it a burning type of pain?  Or sharp pain or a dull ache that does not go away?  How long does the pain last in your rib cage or quadriceps?  Does the pain subside when you massage it or press on it?  Do you think it could be some type of a muscle spasm?  You may need to see a doctor about this unusual pain so you may get some relief from it.  I am uncertain about what the "sugar-like" substance under your nails are.  You should mention it to the doctor as well.

Has anyone else have these type of symptoms?  What were you diagnosed with?



Dear Ybanks522,
Thank you for the reply, finally someone is willing to understand my pains :).
The pain is not like burning nor spasm or any type of known pains, however all I feel is that I need to press on my quadriceps or ( I feel I need to tear that muscle fibers) I cannot explain that pain. ok to tell you more, have you ever felt that you want to press on your nails in order to make the blood go out of the area under the fingernails ? That gives you feeling like massaging your nails!
However the pain in my quadriceps is more annoying, but I think the pain under my last bone of my rib cage is not in muscle, it is bone-type. I do move out or remove my last bone of rib cage to relieve the pain momentarily.
The feel it since I was 10 years especially the pain in my rib cage and nails. I don’t know why I used to tell my parents that pain on my fingernails is like “sugar”.
Yes the pain as I said is disappeared instantaneously only when I hit my quadriceps or strongly massage it using dry Soap while having shower. And I used to move out my last bone of rib cage and when I set on my office during work or at home etc..
I went to doctors many times but you know I am in Palestine (middle east) , doctors are not enough specialized to diagnose my case, but there is no nothing abnormal, all my biological processes operating normally.
I search the internet and these is only one or two have similar to my case.
Thank you


there is someone on who has the similar pain on this website here is the link >>


thank you i will check that out