I have swollen cheeks (also cheek bones pains) and eyes pains since over 30 years. It makes me always sleepy and changes my face totally.
There is also atypical trigeminal neuralgia. The pain is there where the TN 2 is. Also, TN 1 (over eyes) hurts and I feel compression from there into eyes..
I had one month ago CT scan of Sinusitis: all is ok!

Nobody knows, why exact I have pains. The most doctors told me, all my pains are from the neck muscle.
There is neck muscle on the right neck side (levator scapula) that hurts sometimes, but not always.
My right shoulder blade is always swollen. I was told that by one man (1985), who does alternative medicine. On the right shoulder joint I have also pains.
Both muscles: levator scapula and supraspinatus are painful. EMG of both has shown that muscles are ok.
When I had massage of the right side, the pain comes from the bottom of the shoulder blade. The therapist told me, that muscle and tendon are stacked together.
I have also chronic kidney disease. As I do every year Ultra Scan from abdomen, there are also cysts on the right liver, 3 cm long. Nobody cares about that.
I have big problems with digestion. Maybe from many tablets I took for so long time!
Since 20 years I am searching the cause, but still don't know, where from all comes. My doctor said, the swollen muscle can come from anywhere.

I don't know what more can I look? Who has something similar, please?